Abuse Standards Violations at Carroll/Fletcher

darkcontent ep.03 screenshot alquaeda

The next chapter of our ongoing exploration of The Nothing (NeverEnding Story fans know what I’m talking about) is the solo show we’re about to open at Carroll/Fletcher gallery in London: “Abuse Standards Violations”.

It features all new works, including the next 3 episodes of Dark Content (YES they’re ready!), several crowdsourced performances from the series Befnoed, reiterations of Image Search Result printed on different objects (including car mats…) and a new work about content moderators guidelines that were leaked to us…

Carroll/Fletcher, London, opening on Thursday June 9, 7-9pm

Here’s the press release.

BTW, we’re giving a gallery tour on Thursday June 9 at 6PM, come by!

“Eva and Franco Mattes’ exhibition Abuse Standards Violations investigates the dark side of the Internet. In a new series of video installations, the New York-based duo exposes the vast amount of unpalatable material kept away from our screens by an army of underpaid workers, while offering a bizarre but telling glimpse into the lives of an ever-growing, dispersed global workforce.”





When felonies become form, on ARTnews

news artnews stolen pieces

Super interesting article by Andrew Russeth on ARTnews: When felonies become form: the secret history of artists who use lawbreaking as their medium.

I’d like to reiterate one point though: the fact that we waited 15 years to disclose our work Stolen Pieces has nothing to do with the statute of limitations running out, as the author suggests, as of today we are not certain about it. We waited because we soon realized the work would have been completely misunderstood. We were teenagers, this was our first work, and we had no contact whatsoever with the art world, we didn’t know academics, critics or journalists. We wanted for this work to be critiqued in the context of art history, not vandalism. Luckily that’s what happened when we finally revealed the work, giving the exclusive to art critic Blake Gopnik who wrote a great piece on the Washington Post, setting the bar for the following writings.





Podcast interview with Art Uncovered

darkcontent ep.02 screenshot mcdonalds

Just did this podcast interview with Art Uncovered about our work Dark Content and a few related issues





He says the questions are always the same

quote, andy greenberg, this machine kills secrets, he says the questions

“This machine kills secrets”, by Andy Greenberg





The Black Chamber catalogue

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The Black Chamber catalog is OUT! Download it for FREE or buy a printed copy.

Edited by Eva and Franco Mattes, Domenico Quaranta and Bani Brusadin, made by Link Editions + Aksioma.





Biennale of Sydney


Photos of Don’t Follow the Wind installation at the Biennale of Sydney. The headsets were hand-made by three generations of same Fukushima family. The furniture was reclaimed from the Fukushima Exclusion Zone, after being decontaminated. Curated by Chim↑Pom, Kenji Kubota, Eva and Franco Mattes, Jason Waite.





The Black Chamber opens tonight in Rijeka

news black chamber rijeka

The Black Chamber‬ exhibition is opening right now at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia! With Jill Magid, Jacob Appelbaum & Ai Weiwei & Laura Poitras, Metahaven, Simon Denny, James Bridle, Zach Blas, Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion, Evan Roth.

Curated by Eva & Franco Mattes and Bani Brusadin.





Dark Content at Whitechapel

Londoners! The first 3 episodes of our ongoing work Dark Content will be on view at Whitechapel Gallery from tomorrow April 5 to June 5. They’re part of the Artists’ Film International program, all details here. Thanks to GAMeC’s curator Stefano Raimondi for making this happen!

BTW if you visit be sure to watch (or re-watch) Harun Farocki’s Parallel I-IV





Les Incessants opening tonight

no fun exhib villa du parc

No Fun at Les Incessants, opens tonight at Villa du Parc, France. Fake archives and fictional (id)entities, the publication and suppression of content, hoaxes and spoofs… Curated by Céline Poulin, featuring Xavier Antin, Art Research Associates, Ceel Mogami de Haas, Clémence de Montgolfier & Niki Korth, Rossella Biscotti, Goldin + Senneby, Eva and Franco Mattes, Dario Robleto, Rita Sobral Campos, Florian Sumi.





Photos of The Black Chamber

The Black Chamber Škuc Exhibition Aksioma

Some photos of The Black Chamber, the group exhib we just curated at Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana. Photo above is Metahaven (left) and Simon Denny (right).