Eva and Franco Mattes (b. 1976, Italy), artist duo based in New York.








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Postmasters, New York




Eva and Franco Mattes, Carroll / Fletcher, Artforum (2016)
Illuminating the ‘Dark’ Web and Content MonitoringThe New York Times (2016)
Don’t Follow the WindFrieze Magazine (2015)
Eva and Franco Mattes, the Art of Deletion, The New York Times (2015)
We Make We Seek, The Village Voice (2014)
Eva and Franco Mattes, Frieze Magazine (2012)
Stolen digital photographs on display in London, Associated Press (2012)
Net artists display art world’s steal of the century in London exhibition, The Guardian (2012)
Art stunts deliver reality check, BBC News (2011)
Eva and Franco Mattes aka, Modern Painters (2010)
Couple stole more than other artists’ ideas, The Washington Post (2010)
All the Web’s a Stage, ARTnews (2008)
13 Most Beautiful Avatars, The New York Times (2007)
Eva and Franco Mattes, Artforum (2007)
Pop Life, Anrtnet (2005)
Your Life Is in Your Computer, for Everyone to See, The New York Times (2001)
An Attack on the Commercialization of Web Art, The New York Times (1999)




Merging with the Network, Rhizome (2017)
Newsmakers: Italian Artist Couple Eva and Franco Mattes, Modern Painters (2016)
Eva and Franco Mattes’ virtual world, Phaidon (2012)
Eva & Franco Mattes: Attribution Art?, Artpulse Magazine (2011)
Lies Inc., Article Magazine (2011)
Life After Death, Art21 (2010)
Dynamic Coupling, Media-N (2010)
Dead man chatting, Colorado Springs Independent (2010)
Nothing is real, everything is possible (2007)
They’re not just mean, Britannica (2000)
Copies Are More Important Than Their Original (1999)




Anonymous, untitled, dimensions variable (2012)

Eva and Franco Mattes: 0100101110101101.ORG (2009)

usr_mnl_1.0 (2000)



Curating / Collaborations

Don’t Follow The Wind (2015-)

The Influencers Festival (2004-)

The Black Chamber (2016)

Brand Innovations for Ubiquitous Authorship (2013)

Plan C (2010)

Luther Blissett (1994-99)