Life Sharing (2000-03)

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«Life Sharing is abstract pornography» Hito Steyerl


For Life Sharing we turned our private lives into a public artwork. We made all of the contents of our home computer accessible to the public for three whole years, between 2000-2003. During this time everything – including emails, files, bank statements, etc. – was made available in real time to be read, copied, and downloaded, as a radical gesture of self-surveillance.


Unlike social networks, which didn’t exist at the time, its focus was sharing. Anything on our computer was available to search, read and freely copy, including the system itself, since we were using only free software.




work lifesharing screenshot 01



Private emails published in real time:

work lifesharing screenshot 03


work lifesharing screenshot 02



Screenshots and software experiments:

work lifesharing screenshot 04 work lifesharing screenshot 06 work lifesharing screenshot 07 work lifesharing screenshot 08



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lifesharing screenshot 12


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To extend the idea of exposing ourselves through the internet we started wearing a GPS transmitter so that anyone could know exactly where we were at any given time:

lifesharing vopos manifestalifesharing vopos amsterdamlifesharing vopos capodegatalifesharing vopos linzlifesharing vopos venezia

Performing at Manifesta, Frankfurt (2002)




We were obsessed with traffic logs, waking up in the middle of the night to check how many people were viewing Life Sharing. Where did they come from? What were they watching? For how long?

lifesharing logs ReqDaily 2000lifesharing logs ReqWeekly 2000lifesharing logs ReqCountry 2000lifesharing logs ReqFiletype 2000lifesharing logs ReqDirs 2000lifesharing logs ReqReferSiteHist 2000




Life Sharing was commissioned by the Walker Art Center through a grant from the Jerome Foundation