Luther Blissett (1994-99)

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In the summer of 1994 a number of individuals, including us, began using the name “Luther Blissett” to author a variety of public interventions. The idea was simple: anyone could become Luther Blissett by simply borrowing the name. In the following years the multiple name was adopted by hundreds of people in Italy and across Europe to dupe the press into reporting non-events, hijack popular TV programs, sell dubious and radical books to publishers, conduct psychogeographic urban experiments, fabricate artists, denounce media witch hunts, and much more.

After dozens of media hoaxes, fake articles, real magazines, art projects, art strikes, books, comics, music records and radio programs, Luther decided to greet the new millennium by committing a ritual suicide. Suicide is the ultimate and most extreme “take to the bush” of this folk hero.


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Likeness of “Luther Blissett”


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