Nike Ground (2003)




We set up a fake Nike advertisement campaign using a website and a huge hi-tech container we installed in a public square in Vienna. The news went out nationwide: “Karlsplatz, one of Vienna’s main squares, is soon to be renamed Nikeplatz, and a huge monument¬† in the shape of Nike’s famous Swoosh logo will be built in Nikeplatz”. The campaign provoked the reactions of Vienna’s citizens, city officials and the Nike group, which started legal action. Against all odds we won against the giant.




work nikeground infobox traffic



work nikeground infobox front


work nikeground infobox detailnikeground monument 3D


work nikeground infobox inside



work nikeground infobox kidswork nikeground infobox night



nike ground lawsuit 01

Nike lawsuit




nikeground exhib pan

Installed at PAN, Naples






Carrie Lambert-Beatty, “Make-Believe: Parafiction and Plausibility”