We won Creative Capital!

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It’s official: we won the Creative Capital Award! Feels so good to receive this grant along with friends and people we admire. Here’s the list of all the funded projects. You’ll hear more about our work in the near future, but for now let’s just celebrate :-)





This challenged us to

quote, sandino scheidegger, without a viewer, this challenged

“Without a viewer”, by Sandino Scheidegger





Families of Objects

the others exhib abrons 2

the others exhib abrons 1

Our work The Others currently installed at Abrons Arts Center, for the show ___Families of Objects, curated by Marco Antonini. The projection is always on, and it’s visible from outside the gallery, so if you happen to be walking on the Lower East Side late at night in melancholic mood you’re welcome to stop by for a lonely view.





Mass Effect

book mass effect

Mass Effect: Art and the Internet in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Lauren Cornell and Ed Halter, featuring a lot of really really good texts, highly recommended.





Fukushima’s radioactive wasteland turns into art gallery

dfw curatorial team entering venue

The Guardian on Don’t Follow the Wind, again!
This piece is quite different from Jonathan Jones’. Maybe the fact that Justin McCurry actually came to Fukushima, met many people and saw the works, while Jones wrote from his desk without interviewing anyone, makes the difference?





Haaretz on Dark Content

portrait mattes abrons 05

Long article by Neta Alexander on Haaretz about our work Dark Content. Some of our quotes read a bit strange, I guess it’s because of the translation (italo-english to hebrew and back to english…). Hebrew version is here.
Oh, and thanks Natan Dvir for his great photos!





The Others at Somerset House

theothers exhib somerset

The Others projected in an alcove for the exhibition Big Bang Data, at Somerset House, London. The show features Laura Poitras, James Bridle, Zach Blas and many others.





Interview about Dark Content

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Here’s an interview about Dark Content, with Abandon Normal Devices‘ director Gaby. They commissioned this work so a big shout-out to AND!





New York Times review

blog article nytimes essex flowers

Martha Schwendener just reviewed our show at Essex Flowers on the New York Times: The Art of Deletion





Dark Content trailer

Here’s the trailer of our new work Dark Content. It’s a series of videos about internet content moderators. We are distributing the videos only on the Darknet, one episode per month. Because we don’t want to know who you are.