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blog article too much world is the internet dead

“Too Much World: Is the Internet Dead?”, by Hito Steyerl





Today’s performance is Yoga Tree

We are posting it on a Vietnamese social network. Follow the project at





Today’s performance

Here is today’s crowdsourced performance, we publish them daily on obscure social networks around the world, follow the project at






befnoed tumblr url

We spent the last six months on the most obscure, peripheral, forgotten social networks around the world, in Cambodia, Russia, China, Zambia… And came back with a new work: BEFNOED.

We are giving instructions to anonymous workers to realize webcam performances. The performers are hired through crowdsourcing services, so we do not know who they are, where they are, or even their motivations. The resulting videos are dispersed on social networks you may never have heard of.

Links to new videos are posted daily at





Village Voice review

blog article village voice

Great review on today’s Village Voice of our current show at Postmasters gallery, by Christian Viveros-Fauné.





Agreement n.2: Deformed prints

agreement n.2 bowling balls exhib postmasters

agreement n.2 leather glove

agreement n.2 trash bag wooden chair

Three works from the second series of Agreements, now on view at Postmasters Gallery, New YorkWe bought the idea from artists group Alterazioni Video, they are photos printed on deformed plastic. The “originals” can be seen here.

Unlike the original work in our version the subjects are all stock images.





Agreement n.1: Guest

agreement n.1 guest vert

agreement n.1 guest detail pillow

agreement n.1 guest detail book

The second work of the series Agreements: Agreement n.1 (Internet image search result for “guest” printed on various objects by online services), as installed at Postmasters gallery.

The same image is printed on mug, pillowcase, lamp and book.

The original work by Kevin Bewersdorf looked like this. It’s interesting to see how the same set of instructions can generate very different results.






Agreement n.1: Exhausted

agreement n.1 exhausted

agreement n.1 exhausted detail dog leash

agreement n.1 exhausted detail flip flops yoga mat

The first work of our new series Agreements is titled Agreement n.1 (Internet image search result for “exhausted” printed on various objects by online services).

This is how it is currently installed at Postmasters gallery, New York. The image is printed on blanket, wristlet, dog leash, yoga mat and flip-flops.

We bought the idea of the work from artist Kevin Bewersdorf, and made a very similar version. The “original” can be seen here.

Along with the work we exhibit the agreement between Kevin and us.





About Agreements

Since we got asked a lot of questions about our Agreements here are a couple of crucial points of the project:

We are not buying a physical object (like a painting or a photograph) but the rights to make copies, or versions, of that work. What we are buying is the idea behind the work, not it’s physical manifestation.

Also, this it not an exclusive sale: the artist who sells the idea is free to keep doing whatever she wants with that work. The only difference is that now we are also free to do whatever we want with the same work.





Contract for our new work Agreements

agreements exhib postmasters

This is the contract we created for a new series of works called Agreements. We are buying ideas from other artists to make copies or versions of their work.

The contract is public domain, so it can be used by any artist who wishes to buy or sell ideas. This is an actual agreement with legal value, be sure you understand it before using it:

Art Project Purchase Agreement.pdf