About Agreements

Since we got asked a lot of questions about our Agreements here are a couple of crucial points of the project:

We are not buying a physical object (like a painting or a photograph) but the rights to make copies, or versions, of that work. What we are buying is the idea behind the work, not it’s physical manifestation.

Also, this it not an exclusive sale: the artist who sells the idea is free to keep doing whatever she wants with that work. The only difference is that now we are also free to do whatever we want with the same work.





Contract for our new work Agreements

agreements exhib postmasters

This is the contract we created for a new series of works called Agreements. We are buying ideas from other artists to make copies or versions of their work.

The contract is public domain, so it can be used by any artist who wishes to buy or sell ideas. This is an actual agreement with legal value, be sure you understand it before using it:

Art Project Purchase Agreement.pdf





Exhibition views, Postmasters gallery, NY

exhib postmasters agreement n.2 bowling balls emilys video the others

exhib postmasters emilys video agreements n.2 bowling balls contract




agreement n.2 bowling balls exhib postmasters


exhib postmasters agreement n.2 pink plastic bag


emilysvideo exhib postmasters horiz

emilysvideo exhib postmasters vert


exhib postmasters agreement n.1 guest n.2 trash bag wooden chair

exhib postmasters agreement n.1 exhausted n.2 leg leather glove

theothers exhib postmasters chairs


theothers exhib postmasters






By Everyone, For No One, Everyday

The video above is the press release for our upcoming exhibition:

Eva and Franco Mattes
By Everyone, For No One, Everyday
Postmasters gallery, 54 Franklin St. New York
April 26 – June 7, 2014
Opening Saturday April 26, 5:30-8pm

If you wanna know more I’m afraid you’ll have to watch the video…





When philosophers supposed

blog article what art is

“What Art Is”, by Arthur C. Danto





Pre Owned: Looks Good Man

blog exhib pre owned

Here’s how our work Darko Maver – a ficticious artist we created in 1998 – is currently installed at London’s Cell Project Space for a group show curated by Morgan Quaintance Pre Owned: Looks Good Man.

On the left are Darko Maver’s portrait and the photo of his death, the big “double frames” are two works of his, with their original captions. While the vetrine displays actual press clippings about his art, life and tragic death.

More info on this project here





What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen

blog lecture rmcad


RMCAD, Denver, Colorado
What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen
Thursday, March 20, 2014, 6:30 p.m. doors, 7:00 p.m.
Mary Harris Auditorium

See you there?





Cams, exhibitionism, vouyerism

blog article connected by camera

Connected by Camera“, by Joanne McNeil, from the book Art and the Internet





“1pm, 54 Franklin” installation view

1pm exhib postmasters

This is how “1pm, 54 Franklin” installation looked like at Postmasters Gallery, New York. We left the ladder in the same position as it was when the work got stolen. The laptop is showing the CCTV footage of the theft.





Our new work got stolen!

1pm screenshot

WTF! Our new work got stolen during installation at Postmasters gallery! For tonight’s opening we’re replacing the stolen work with the CCTV video of the theft.

Watching the footage now, it’s actually fascinating…