Casting a Wide Net

exhib casting a wide net

opens next Sat. Nov 30, 6-8PM, at Postmasters gallery new location.

Featuring JODI, Olia Lialina, Wolfgang Staehle, Eva and Franco Mattes, Constant Dullaart, Oliver Laric, Petra Cortright, Katie Torn, Austin Lee and Rollin Leonard. We’ll preview a new work.

Rafael Rozendaal’s solo is opening the same night.





In Praise of Art Forgeries

blog article in praise of art forgeries

by Blake Gopnik:

“Our first instinct is to marvel at the forgers’ skill and lament their misdeeds. But while forgery is very clearly an economic crime, it may not always be an artistic or aesthetic one.”

and: “Sometimes, they give us works that great artists simply didn’t get around to making. If a fake is good enough to fool experts, then it’s good enough to give the rest of us pleasure, even insight.”

and: “Forgers also remind us that great art depends on the ideas of artists, not necessarily on their actual hands”.

and… I’d quote the whole article! Read it here. Comments are fun too ;-)





and here’s the poster:

YES, we will manually crumple each and every one of ’em. help needed.





The Influencers 2013: trailer!

See you at The Influencers, opening next Thursday November 7 in Barcelona!

(and thanks to Hania Ansari for the great trailer!)





Next week in Barcelona…

influencers 2013

The Influencers 2013!

November 7-8-9, Center of Contemporary Culture, Barcelona

Featuring: Aram BarthollChim↑PomPaolo CirioTellervo KalleinenJohn LawSAM3 and more surprises: The Troll Face, Streetghosts, Dead Drops & No Tube Contest… full program here, time to book your flights!

Oh, in case you’re wondering why we’re posting this it’s because we organize the festival





The Future of Art

MYJ_1110_ 022

Nice article by Ossian Ward: The Future of Art

“And yet, it was the impact of the digital age (despite the initial shrug of the Millennium Bug) that would come to define that early era of the 21st century. Art was not immune from this epochal shift and while you might not associate the early burst of internet art with any real revolution – given that the original so-called “” phenomenon had arguably ended in 2000, when it was included in the Whitney Biennial and so effectively institutionalised and somehow neutered – the seeds of that movement would nevertheless grow swiftly and begin to colonise the wider art world.”





Emily in Texas

work emilysvideo screenshots

Emily’s Video is on view through October at Texas University at Austin. The piece can be seen anytime from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. in the Art Building (ART) atrium, as part of Landmarks, their amazing public art program. Free to the public. Next piece will be a skyspace by James Turrell!





Old School

freedom exhib kiel 1

freedom exhib kiel 2

freedom exhib kiel 3

We’re part of this exhib opening tonight at Kunsthalle Kiel: Old School – Anachronism in Contemporary Art, where we’re showing Rot and Freedom, inside an unfinished wooden room, so the photo above is not of the box under construction but it’s the actual finished thing. BTW, very excited to be in a show together with Taryn Simon.





Talking at Pratt

lecture pratt

We are giving a talk called No Fun in Brooklyn at Pratt Institute hosted festival PHATT-B next Saturday, Sept. 21, 5-6 PM. C U there!

Pratt Institute’s Myrtle Hall
215 Willoughby Avenue, back lot
Brooklyn, NY 11205





Art That Turns Both Heads and Stomachs


Curious survey on The New York Times features Emily’s VideoArt That Turns Both Heads and Stomachs