Talk at the New School

theothers exhib newschool

We’re giving a short talk about our new work The Others at the New School tomorrow March 13, 6:00 – 7:30 pm as part of the show Public Private curated by Christiane Paul.

More info here. Hope you can make it!





Emily’s Video

emilys video

Emily’s Video compiles the reactions of random volunteers who replied to the call we posted here to watch “the worst video ever”. The original video has been destroyed, only these second hand experiences are proof of its existence.

You can see some excerpts of Emily’s Video here





Camping in the Art World

camping in the art world

Camping in the Art World is a compelling essay on our work recently written by Melissa Gronlund, for a publication called Anonymous, untitled, dimensions variable, you can now read the essay here





Best of 2012?

emilys video workers

Our last work Emily’s Video was among ARTINFO’s Picks for the Best Art We Saw This Year

So, either the work is good or this year’s art sucked? You decide!

Anyway, very glad to be among some of my favorite artists.





Photo of a party

whitney gala

where I didn’t know anybody and didn’t actually belong, but then if you watch this photo you’d probably assume I was having tons of fun. Photos do not document reality, they create a parallel reality.






The Influencers 2012 videos now online

Should have sent this one way back, here are the videos of the last edition of The Influencers, the festival we co-curate in Barcelona: Evan RothJRJill MagidVoinaConstant DullaartBiotic Baking BrigadeReverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping

…bonus track: here‘s the action Reverend Billy and Savitri D carried out for the festival, if you were there, THANKS! If you were not, then don’t miss the next Influencers!





Collect the WWWorld @ 319 Scholes

U in NYC? Next Thursday join us for the latest version of Collect the WWWorld, group show curated by Domenico Quaranta at the amazing artist-run space 319 Scholes, all info here

U not in NYC? Check the exhib’s ongoing Tumblr





Blog friend: time for action!

We’re working on a secret project and we need you.

1: You must live in New York (sorry non-NYkers)

2: Emily will come to your apartment bringing a mysterious video

3: She will film you watching the video. You can be alone or with friends

4: Emily may contact you again

NOTE: Emily’s Video is extremely graphic and extremely violent. EXTREMELY. We don’t recommend it to anybody.

This said, if you want to do this email Emily <XXXXX@XXXXX.XXX> or txt her XXX XXX XXXX









Let Them Believe

planc exhib vzigalica

A while ago we made a rather adventurous trip to one of the most polluted places on planet earth: Chernobyl, in Ukraine. The whole project – a collaboration with artists Ryan C Doyle, Todd Chandler, Tod Seelie, Jeff Stark and Steve Valdez – was probably inspired by Tarkovsky’s movie Stalker, and resulted in a big public installation in Manchester, UK, assembled with scrap metal scavenged from the Zone.

At last, here is a short film by Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark about what happened in those intense days: Let Them Believe.






Along with the exhibition we just opened in London they published a small book: “ANONYMO UNTITLE DIMENSIO” (?!). It looks like a wrongly designed programming manual, featuring a great essay by Melissa Gronlund, “Eva and Franco Mattes: Camping in the Art World”, and all our recent works. It’s for sale for the unmatchable price of 5 GBP (yes, FIVE QUIDS) and you can get it here