Let Them Believe

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A while ago we made a rather adventurous trip to one of the most polluted places on planet earth: Chernobyl, in Ukraine. The whole project – a collaboration with artists Ryan C Doyle, Todd Chandler, Tod Seelie, Jeff Stark and Steve Valdez – was probably inspired by Tarkovsky’s movie Stalker, and resulted in a big public installation in Manchester, UK, assembled with scrap metal scavenged from the Zone.

At last, here is a short film by Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark about what happened in those intense days: Let Them Believe.






Along with the exhibition we just opened in London they published a small book: “ANONYMO UNTITLE DIMENSIO” (?!). It looks like a wrongly designed programming manual, featuring a great essay by Melissa Gronlund, “Eva and Franco Mattes: Camping in the Art World”, and all our recent works. It’s for sale for the unmatchable price of 5 GBP (yes, FIVE QUIDS) and you can get it here





Exhibition Title Change call

title change exhib carrollfletcher

Our current show at Carroll/Fletcher gallery in London was first titled Anonymous, untitled, dimensions variable, than became Building stories, than Blink and you miss it and so on. The title changes every day, and if you’re interested in the process of naming (or want to suggest titles) you can follow the daily change here:

The photo above shows how the title change appears in the gallery space. Eventually it will take over the whole wall…





Anonymous, untitled, dimensions variable – opening

Anonymous, untitled, dimensions variable. Exhibition opening at Carroll / Fletcher gallery, London. Video by Kerri Meehan





Anonymous, untitled, dimensions variable

Carroll / Fletcher Gallery, London
April 13 – May 18
Opening: April 12, 6:30-8:30, see you there!

Hey! We’re about to open our fist solo show in London with some recent works: videogame performances, a simulated webcam suicide, a couple of fake sculptures attributed to revered artists and a potentially toxic hacked arcade game. Most of them are shown in Europe for the first time, including Stolen Pieces, dozens of stolen fragments of precious artworks. We’ll also preview the second part of The Others, a slideshow video of 10.000 images appropriated from random personal computers.

Some pics and press release here





The Influencers are coming

Yeah! Time has come for The Influencers 2012, a tiny, very intense festival we curate every year with our friend Bani in Barcelona, Spain. “Abandon all certainties and join us for a weekend with the authors of visionary projects that cross over the arts, experimental forms of activism and personal explorations into collective imagination.”

This year’s guests will be Evan Roth, JR, Jill Magid, Voina, Constant Dullaart, Biotic Baking Brigade and Reverend Billy. See you there!

The Influencers, February 9-10-11 2012
CCCB, Barcelona, and various locations around the city

Real time updates here





Attribution Art?

What happened is ARTPULSE magazine asked art critic Domenico Quaranta to interview us. He thought it would have been interesting to interview some of the victims of our thefts instead, coming to an interesting conclusion: this is not Appropriation Art, this is Attribution Art!

He spoke with, among others, Jodi, Maurizio Cattelan, Nike’s CEO, Dieter Roth, Edward Kienholz and the Holy See. Or did he? Well, if you read it till the end you’ll find out.





Going Sundance!

We’ll be at Sundance Film Festival the whole week for the New Frontier exhibition. The show opens in two venues, The Yard in Park City and UMOCA in Salt Lake City on Friday 20th, and we have works in both places.

ah we’re also part of the Is This Thing On? panel on Sunday 22nd, if you happen to be at Sundance please drop by!





Justice Is Not Available

If you were living in Dusseldorf, Germany, you may have noticed some rather hermetic posters around the city with the Pentagon website saying:

The requested resource, (/justice), is not available.

like the ones you can see here. They were put up for a project called TransPrivacy, where Net Art and Street Art meet.

You can also see our piece directly on the Pentagon website:





Peer Pressure intro

Just wrote a short intro for Brad Troemel’s book Peer Pressure. It’s the first time we do it so we are very excited. Brad is one of our favorite art writers and the book is totally worth reading!

Get it here