Italian Pavilion?

YES, we refused the invitation to participate in the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, due to its ludicrous organization.





Deception as a Way of Knowing

blog article deception as a way of knowing

Great conversation from Cabinet Magazine:

“Descartes wants to know if it is possible to establish anything as “true” if we consider a worst-case scenario: a Mephistophelean Wizard of Oz who orchestrates the theater of our sensory life, a demon who can conjure everything that seems to us to be reality – what we see, what we touch, what we hear, all of it might be a diabolical puppet show. How would we know? Does the very possibility of certainty wither in the face of this hypothetical? Descartes thinks that the only kind of knowledge we could feel confident about would be knowledge that could face down this nightmare possibility. It is a very odd way to think about thinking.”





Colorless, odorless and tasteless – San Francisco

Last week we locked ourselves up in a huge warehouse in Oakland, CA, together with machine artists Steve Valdez and Ryan C. Doyle. We’re working on a new thing: a videogame that kills people (?!?!?). We’re fit an old Pole Position arcade game with a car engine. It spews carbon monoxide into the room when in operation, letting the players control how much of the potentially toxic gas fills the air. If you want to know the outcome of this experiment please come by tonight, we’ve an exhibition opening at Cain Schulte Gallery in San Francisco, with several recent works and this new one. Don’t forget to bring your quarters.

Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG
Colorless, odorless and tasteless

February 25 – April 2 2011
Opening Friday 25, 5:30-7:30pm
Cain Schulte Gallery251 Post Street, Suite 210, San Francisco

More info on the show here





The Influencers 2011


There’s a small kind-of-cult festival that we organize together with our friend Bani every year in Barcelona, it’s called The Influencers. It’s a gathering of artists, impostors, conceptual hackers, deviant geographers and crazy characters, those people you can get inspiration from.

The next festival is taking place April 14-15-16, 2011

And the videos of last year are here





James Acord, alchemist for the nuclear age

influencers james acord

Sadly, visionary nuclear sculptor James Acord just left this planet. One of the few, if not the only one, of his filmed appearances was last year at The Influencers festival, you can see the video here.

His mind-blowing theories kept us awake for nights. Our recent project Plan C was in fact cooked up in Barcelona with Ryan Doyle after meeting James.

“The base man who desired only for wealth would always fail. The higher adepts, the true alchemists, knew that what they were really transforming was themselves” James Acord





Post about the fake Cattelan on Rhizome

catt epic fail

Just posted a brief text on Rhizome about the fake Cattelan sculpture, telling how the whole thing started (from an online meme) and where it’s at.

You can read it here





On Las Meninas

velazquez las meninas

I’ve always been fascinated by Velázquez’s Las Meninas, but never quite understood why. Reading this piece by art critic Blake Gopnik made everything clearer and more confused at the same time:

In this painting, every time we think we’re smart enough to know what’s going on, Velazquez tells us he’s smarter still.





New sculpture by Cattelan turns out to be an Art prank

work catt sculpture

We wanted to make a work about Internet’s overflowing creativity vs. high art fixation with originality. We found a cat meme collage circulating online, and we ended up making this fake sculpture by art-star Maurizio Cattelan with it. It’s a small yellow taxidermy bird perched atop a birdcage that imprisons an angry-looking taxidermy cat.

The piece has been exhibited at Inman Gallery Annex, in Houston, TX, for a month now as a work by Cattelan, and will be there through January 15, 2011. We thought, let’s wear the mask of a famous artist and see what happens: Will people realize it immediately? Will they say ‘this is his worst work ever?’ Or will they love it?

The reception by the art world has been enthusiastic so far. Who knows what’s going to happen when they find out it’s a prank.

You can see some photos here

and read the press release here





My Generation video now online

my generation screenshot 01

My Generation is a video collage of kids freaking out while playing videogames. It runs on an old broken computer (that still works).

You can see the video here






Eva and Franco Mattes, Freedom

Freedom (2010) is a performance we did in the game Counter-Strike, where Eva tries to convince the other players to save her because she is trying to make an artwork. The result is her being endlessly killed and abused.

You can watch the video here (turn HD on to read the chat).