Attribution Art?

What happened is ARTPULSE magazine asked art critic Domenico Quaranta to interview us. He thought it would have been interesting to interview some of the victims of our thefts instead, coming to an interesting conclusion: this is not Appropriation Art, this is Attribution Art!

He spoke with, among others, Jodi, Maurizio Cattelan, Nike’s CEO, Dieter Roth, Edward Kienholz and the Holy See. Or did he? Well, if you read it till the end you’ll find out.





Going Sundance!

We’ll be at Sundance Film Festival the whole week for the New Frontier exhibition. The show opens in two venues, The Yard in Park City and UMOCA in Salt Lake City on Friday 20th, and we have works in both places.

ah we’re also part of the Is This Thing On? panel on Sunday 22nd, if you happen to be at Sundance please drop by!





Justice Is Not Available

If you were living in Dusseldorf, Germany, you may have noticed some rather hermetic posters around the city with the Pentagon website saying:

The requested resource, (/justice), is not available.

like the ones you can see here. They were put up for a project called TransPrivacy, where Net Art and Street Art meet.

You can also see our piece directly on the Pentagon website:





Peer Pressure intro

Just wrote a short intro for Brad Troemel’s book Peer Pressure. It’s the first time we do it so we are very excited. Brad is one of our favorite art writers and the book is totally worth reading!

Get it here





Occupy the Internet





A web of flies

rot sculpture

This summer White Flag Projects in Saint Louis held an interesting exhibition called Another Kind of Vapor. Taking inspiration from Dieter Roth’s work the show presented artists who use non-traditional and decaying materials, such as Paul McCarthy, Ed Ruscha and Dieter Roth himself.

Roth’s piece in the show was a glass jar containing flies collected by the artist from his legendary work Staple Cheese (A Race), 1970. This work has disappeared long ago, thrown away in the desert by the gallery owner, nothing else remains beside this 40-year-old jar full of dead flies.

Unfortunately Dieter Roth never made this work, it’s a fake. We invented it one evening in a bar with our friend Corazon Del Sol, and put it together the next day. We bought all the stuff on the internet: an old glass jar, a vintage cork and lots of flies (yes, you can buy flies online), and sent the work to the unaware curators.

The piece has been shown for over a month, and nobody questioned its authenticity or worthiness. The image of the jar with flies started circulating on the Internet and it’s also mentioned in Roth’s biography in Wikipedia.

Maybe one day the jar would have been included in other Dieter Roth shows, and, who knows, even sold for a lot of money.

Sometimes we tend to prefer facts we wish to be true, rather than facts we know to be true. Maybe the little jar fulfilled our desire that the Dieter Roth legendary work wasn’t completely lost. Believing is seeing.

More info here

and the exhibition is here





Collect the WWWorld


Our piece My Generation (a collage of amateur clips of kids freaking out when their computers break down) is in a great exhibition called Collect the WWWorld, curated by Domenico Quaranta at Link Center in Italy. The exhibition features some of our favorite artists and comes with an impressive research work, that you can check here.

Catalogue is worth reading, and it’s free!





Please speak softly!

Hit an Internet-cafe, rent all computers they have and run a show on them for one night: It’s the SPEED SHOW exhibition format. The show is public and takes place during normal opening hours of the Internet cafe. All visitors are welcome to join the opening, enjoy the art (and to check their email.)
We’re showing the video of our performance Freedom at tomorrow night speed show in Berlin:

Please speak softly!
curated by Aram Bartholl

Opening September 16, 7-9pm, Berlin, all info here





Let Them Believe premiere

planc exhib carrollfletcher

If you’re in New York this Saturday July 16th Let The Believe premieres at Rooftop Films festival. It’s a short movie on Plan C, directed by Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark. Shot on location in Chernobyl and Manchester, it follows Ryan C. Doyle, Steve Valdez, Eva and I plotting to steal a carnival ride from the radioactive zone.

Screening details here





Lies Inc. in the UK

Please join us for a fear and loathing week in Sheffield, UK. On June 9th our first solo show in the UK opens at Site Gallery. The exhibition is called “Lies Inc.” and includes recent online performances such as No Fun (an intervention into an online video chatroom), Freedom (where we enter a multi-user online war game and beg not to be shot), Catt (an online meme turned into an art prank) and many surprises…

After the opening we’ll all go experiment the mysteries of nuclear energy in an abandoned factory with Plan C’s amusement ride, developed out of an undercover research trip to Chernobyl and the beta-preview of “Let Them Believe”, the short film Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark shot during the trip.

On June 8th we’ll be in conversation with some of our favorite artists & companions: legendary performer Bill Drummond, pranksters IOCOSE and Paolo Cirio, net artist Rafael Rozendaal and Plan C co-conspirator Ryan Doyle.

Details here

God Save the Queen!