Dark Content at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Photos of our install at “New World Order” at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

Exposés, conspiracy theories, cybernetic tarot cards, hacked city-scapes, UFO blanket paintings, alternate currencies, illusions, paradoxes and alternate endings, New World Order is an opportunity to think about how we make sense of the world in a post-internet era.





The future no longer seems

Boris Groys, “On the New”





Videos of The Influencers 2016

Eva and Franco Mattes, The Influencers

Here’re the videos of the last edition of The Influencers, the festival we curate every year, featuring William Binney, Zach Blas, Simon Denny, Heather Dewey-Hagborg and Kenneth Goldsmith. Binge-watch!





Abuse Standards Violations #1



Abuse Standards Violations
UV print on plexiglass, various insulation materials, spacers, screws
100 x 100 x 14 cm

Wall-mounted insulation panels printed with corporate moderation guidelines that were leaked to us in the course of our investigations on internet content moderators.





Dark Content in The World Without Us

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Three episodes of our work Dark Content installed in “The World Without Us“, curated by Inke Arns at HMKV, Dortmund. “The artists in this exhibition explore the possibility of an ecology after man – an age of the post-Anthropocene…”





Looking for a studio intern


It’s for one day a week in our studio in Bushwick.

The requirements are: passion for contemporary art & internet culture, excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong organizational skills, basic photo editing (Photoshop), basic video editing, basic docs editing & sharing (Google drive).

Activities: assist for specific projects, relation with media, writing and errands.

As intern you’ll have the studio all for yourself for one day a week (or more depending on period).

Ideal candidate is a recently graduated art student or young artist.

Please send us your cover letter and resume. Thanks!





Photos of our show at Carroll / Fletcher


Photo documentation of “Abuse Standards Violations”, our recent show at Carroll / Fletcher gallery, in London. Featuring the works Dark ContentAbuse Standards ViolationsBefnoed and, of course, Ceiling Cat.





The traditional art system


Boris Groys, “The Rheology of Art”





Installation views at Careof


Eva and Franco Mattes, For Internet Use Only




Installation views of “For Internet Use Only” at Careof, Milan





Your data trail will


Jacob Appelbaum, “Letter to a young selector”