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Eva and Franco Mattes, My Generation

After 8 years of getting beaten up around the world he finally gave up. “Operating system not found” were his final words, the night before the opening. RIP.





Photos of The Influencers 2017

Eva and Franco Mattes, The Influencers

Here’s a good photo reportage of The Influencers, the festival we co-curate every year in Barcelona, Spain, which happened last week. If you like what you see consider coming over next year and join our little circus!





Photos of new Don’t Follow the Wind installation

Eva and Franco Mattes, Don't Follow the Wind

Just posted some photos of the ongoing exhibition “After the End of the World“, at the CCCB, Barcelona. On the floor&wall is a work of ours, a Fukushima Texture of a mattress printed on a roll of vinyl and suitcase. On top and around it are five headsets, that were hand-made by three generations of same Fukushima family. Inside them you can watch a 360 degree video, “A Walk in Fukushima”, to make visible some of the inaccessible, irradiated sites of the exhibition inside the Fukushima exclusion zone. However the artworks in the project remain unseen, obscured by bodies of the artists and curators. Curated by Jason Waite, Chim↑Pom, Kenji Kubota, Eva and Franco Mattes. Come visit!





Installation camouflaged in a store

Eva and Franco Mattes, Image Search Result

Eva and Franco Mattes, Image Search Result

Eva and Franco Mattes, Image Search Result

Photos of a curious installation we just set up in a store called “Bagno e Cose” in Torino, Italy. Our work is “Image search result for ‘Censorship’ printed on various objects by online services”, and it comprises a found image printed on bath mat, postage stamps, pacifier and glass cutting board paddle. The objects are concealed within other merchandise for sale, without any explanation or caption. It’s part of a temporary exhibition/intervention called “Razzle-Dazzle: Camouflaging [in] Society”, organized by CAMPO16 a curatorial training organized by Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. The work will be on display every day during opening hours until Sunday Nov 5. Thanks to Alberta Romano and the whole team ;-)







An Open Call by artists Eva and Franco Mattes.

We are looking for one person who is willing to sell her/his used phone, including all the photos and videos contained within it. We will pay you $1,000.

To apply, fill out the application form for a chance to be selected:

Questions? Email us

Please share this call with anyone who may be interested!

Looking forward to seeing too much of you,

Eva and Franco Mattes





Photos of the Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie

Eva and Franco Mattes, Abuse Standards Violations

Here’re some photos of our works installed at the amazing Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie, in the Raum für Gegenwartskunst, Mannheim. We’re in the exhibition “No Image Is an Island. How does sharing shape our dealing with images? ” curated by Fabian Knierim. The first line of his presentation says it all: “How do we use images today? We share them.”





“Merging with the Network”, an interview about Life Sharing

On the occasion of the recent re-launch of Life Sharing (2000-2003) we did a rather long interview with the amazing Paul Soulellis.





Life Sharing is back

For three years (2001-2003), we openly shared our home computer, making all its contents accessible to the public. Private material, including email, texts, photos, and bank statements, was freely available through our website. Made long before social media’s widespread influence, Life Sharing pointed towards the blurring of the public and private spheres. Originally commissioned by the Walker Art Center and newly restored by Rhizome, it can now be experienced again!





The Others at the Gjon Mili Biennial

Eva and Franco Mattes, The Others

Eva and Franco Mattes, The Others

Our work The Others projected in the show “Hyperimaging!”, at the Gjon Mili Biennial, Kosovo Art Gallery.





The Influencers 2017 posters

Eva and Franco Mattes, The Influencers