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Alicetiara, “Are There Limits to Online Free Speech?”





Darko Maver and fake news

Eva and Franco Mattes, Darko Maver

Eva and Franco Mattes, Darko Maver

Eva and Franco Mattes, Darko Maver

I use the occasion of the ongoing group show at Carroll/Fletcher to post these old works of ours, from 1998. They’re supposedly made by a reclusive artist named Darko Maver, whom we invented back then. His life was set in former Yugoslavia and heavily influenced by the ongoing war. No sculpture ever existed, the images documenting his artworks were photos of real atrocities found on the internet. We’re still wrapping our heads around the recent “fake news” turn, and if/how it is going to affect the perception of these kind of works. As Hannah Barton wrote in a recent article “Yet there is nothing intrinsically leftist about the practical process of détournements, as tactically viral fake news demonstrates. The technique can be reduced to an ideologically flexible logic of inversion and appropriation”.






United We Stand in London

Our work United We Stand (2005) is currently installed at Carroll/Fletcher, London, for the show “Looking at one thing and thinking of something else. Part Three: United We Stand”. It’s a fictitious European Hollywood-style blockbuster movie. Thought it proper to show this work after the UK Brexit referendum and the growing prospect of a new Cold War…





Don’t Follow the Wind at Bildmuseet

Don't Follow the Wind, Bildmuseet, Fukushima

Don't Follow the Wind, Bildmuseet, Fukushima

Don’t Follow the Wind installation at Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden, part of the exhibition Perpetual Uncertainty, curated by Ele Carpenter. Installation by Chim↑Pom, Kenji Kubota, Eva and Franco Mattes, Jason Waite.

Material Witness is comprised of everyday objects found at the exhibition sites by the curatorial collective of Don’t Follow the Wind that have born witness to the processes of contamination and entropy which characterized the zone. These marked objects travel outside of the zone along with the photographic evidence of their origin and present separation from their locations acting as living symbols of the ongoing catastrophe.





Random visitors’ photos of BEFNOED

Eva and Franco Mattes, Befnoed

installed at the 16th Art Quadrennial, in Rome.





Dark Content Ep.5: Something wasn’t right

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

This is episode 5 of Dark Content, our ongoing series about internet content moderators and digital labor. It’s titled “Something wasn’t right”, and like the previous videos you can watch it on the Darknet at http://5cqzpj5d6ljxqsj7.onion (you must download the Tor Browser).

“Since moderators primary concern is the safety of the platform and its users there was concern over retaliation for the assassination of Bin Laden. To avoid being a target many companies simply refused to post images or videos of him and not stand out.





Abuse Standards Violations #2

Abuse Standards Violations
UV print on plexiglass, various insulation materials, spacers, screws
100 x 100 x 13 cm

We think at these guidelines as “filters”: they let something through while blocking something else. But at the same time they are invisible, like insulation materials: they surround you, in a sense they protect you, and yet you usually don’t see them, they’re hidden inside a wall or a roof.





A new form of information

Danah Boyd, “Hacking the Attention Economy”





Dark Content at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Photos of our install at “New World Order” at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

Exposés, conspiracy theories, cybernetic tarot cards, hacked city-scapes, UFO blanket paintings, alternate currencies, illusions, paradoxes and alternate endings, New World Order is an opportunity to think about how we make sense of the world in a post-internet era.





The future no longer seems

Boris Groys, “On the New”