And there, as Slavoj Žižek

quote, Maggie Nelson, The Art of Cruelty, and there TOP
quote, Maggie Nelson, The Art of Cruelty, and there BOTTOM

Maggie Nelson, “The Art of Cruelty: A Reckoning”





Dark Content all over the world

dark content ep.1 exhib whitechapel projection 2

We always liked the idea of the same work circulating in different forms, as an installation in a gallery, a video online, a projection in a cinema, being seen in different context by different audiences. As part of Artists’ Film International program the first three episodes of our ongoing work Dark Content will be projected in these venues all over the world, it’s really amazing, pls check their websites to know exact dates:

Whitechapel Gallery, London
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
The Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Belgrade
Video-Forum (n.b.k.), Berlin
GAMeC, Bergamo
Fundacion PRÓA, Buenos Aires
Hanoi/DOCLAB, Hanoi
Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong
Istanbul Modern, Istanbul
Centre for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan, Kabul
MAAT, Lisbon
Ballroom Marfa, Marfa, Texas
National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow
Project 88, Mumbai
Cinemathèque de Tanger, Tangier
Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø, Norway
Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw





Creative Capital retreat 2016

eva franco mattes creative capital retreat lecture
news creative capital retreat lecture

We did it ! Just back from the Creative Capital retreat, where we presented our new work, Fukushima Texture Pack, to the most amazing – and intimidating – crowd ever.





Interview on Le Monde


Long interview with Marie Lechner on Le Monde: “Les modérateurs, petites mains invisibles du Web morbide”. We talk about our current show at Carroll/Fletcher, focusing on the work Dark Content.





So long as some

quote, nick douglas, so long as

Nick Douglas, “It’s Supposed to Look Like Shit: The Internet Ugly Aesthetic”





Don’t Follow the Wind in Lisbon

dfw exhib museo berardo lisbon 1
dfw exhib museo berardo lisbon 3
dfw exhib museo berardo lisbon 2

Don’t Follow the Wind installed at the Museu Coleção Berardo in Lisbon, Portugal, for the show Matter Fictions. It’s on view till August 21. The headset was hand-made by three generations of same Fukushima family.





Talk at ICA, London

exhib essex dark content ep1 monitor

We’ll be in conversation with the amazing Jesse Darling and Ben Vickers at ICA, London, July 19, 6:30pm

Join us if you’re in London!





Artforum on our show in London


Our current show at Carroll/Fletcher critic-picked by Artforum!

…and she exposed Ceiling Cat





Kennette Benedict, executive director of

quote, Kim Zetter, Countdown to Zero Day, kennette

“Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon”, by Kim Zetter





The New Yorker on Dark Content


Watch an art work about the Dark Web, on the Dark Web“, by Daniel Wenger, on The New Yorker

“Humans may be messier than humans would like, but “Dark Content” suggests that computers aren’t the solution. Sometimes humorously, sometimes disastrously, automation tends to result in appealing anomalies, hints of personality. In one episode, a prune-mouthed granny places undue emphasis on the “tent” in “content moderation”; in another, a shiny-haired woman in a ruffled blouse uses an unnatural rat-a-tat to say “gotta keep my eye on that,” cramming each syllable into a millisecond’s slot.”