Here’s Dark Content Ep.4


Here’s episode 4 of Dark Content, our ongoing series about the shady world of internet content moderators. It’s titled “A darker place mentally”, and like the previous videos we’re releasing it on the Darknet at http://5cqzpj5d6ljxqsj7.onion (you must download the Tor Browser).

“Yeah I can remove the content, but that shit is still in my head”.





Dark Content at the Hammer Museum

LA friends! Dark Content first 3 episodes will be screening at the Hammer Museum, every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, starting from tomorrow till Oct. 15, it’s Artists’ Film International!





INFORMATION book is out

news book information

Information, edited by Sarah Cook, is out: “This anthology provides the first art-historical reassessment of information-based art in relation to data structures and exhibition curation.” It’s part of Whitechapel’s Documents of Contemporary Art, and it features a great essay by Marina Gržinić on our work Life Sharing.

Raw data is now the stuff of life – and of art, as this impressive compendium makes plain. But data is never simply dematerialized or pure; it is always tethered to modes of transmission, storage and embodiment, and the artists and artworks highlighted here thrillingly explore the things and networks and media that have changed how we see and what we know in the age of information. – Michelle Kuo, Editor in Chief, Artforum





Video of ICA talk

Here’s the video of the talk with Jesse Darling and Ben Vickers at ICA, London: “Invisibility & overshare, exhibitionism & withdrawal, anonymity & identity services, content moderation & censorship, the nothing, the horror…”





Warhol himself, working

quote, blake gopnik, warhol himself

Blake Gopnik, “The Daily Pic”





Worn out

Eva and Franco Mattes, Image Search Result

Eva and Franco Mattes, Image Search Result

One of the works we recently showed at Mata, Modena: “Image search result for “worn out” printed on various objects by online services”. It’s the same image printed on a blanket, two ping pong paddles, a button and a mug.





And there, as Slavoj Žižek

quote, Maggie Nelson, The Art of Cruelty, and there TOP
quote, Maggie Nelson, The Art of Cruelty, and there BOTTOM

Maggie Nelson, “The Art of Cruelty: A Reckoning”





Dark Content all over the world

dark content ep.1 exhib whitechapel projection 2

We always liked the idea of the same work circulating in different forms, as an installation in a gallery, a video online, a projection in a cinema, being seen in different context by different audiences. As part of Artists’ Film International program the first three episodes of our ongoing work Dark Content will be projected in these venues all over the world, it’s really amazing, pls check their websites to know exact dates:

Whitechapel Gallery, London
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
The Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Belgrade
Video-Forum (n.b.k.), Berlin
GAMeC, Bergamo
Fundacion PRÓA, Buenos Aires
Hanoi/DOCLAB, Hanoi
Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong
Istanbul Modern, Istanbul
Centre for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan, Kabul
MAAT, Lisbon
Ballroom Marfa, Marfa, Texas
National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow
Project 88, Mumbai
Cinemathèque de Tanger, Tangier
Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø, Norway
Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw





Creative Capital retreat 2016

eva franco mattes creative capital retreat lecture
news creative capital retreat lecture

We did it ! Just back from the Creative Capital retreat, where we presented our new work, Fukushima Texture Pack, to the most amazing – and intimidating – crowd ever.





Interview on Le Monde


Long interview with Marie Lechner on Le Monde: “Les modérateurs, petites mains invisibles du Web morbide”. We talk about our current show at Carroll/Fletcher, focusing on the work Dark Content.