Stolen Pieces (1995-97)

Over a period of two years we worked on a secret art project stealing fifty fragments from masterpieces by famous artists, such as Kandinsky, Duchamp, Beuys, Rauschenberg, Warhol and Koons, from the most renowned museums in the United States and Europe. We publicly revealed the work in 2010.



stolenpieces performance koonsstolenpieces 22 koons

Stolen Pieces (from Jeff Koons)


stolenpieces 42 tinguely work 1stolenpieces 42 tinguely work 2stolenpieces 42 tinguely

Stolen Pieces (from Jean Tinguely)




stolenpieces 23 duchamp workstolenpieces 23 duchamp

Stolen Pieces (from Marcel Duchamp)



stolenpieces 38 warhol work
Eva and Franco Mattes, Stolen Pieces

Stolen Pieces (from Andy Warhol)


stolenpieces 34 rauschenberg workstolenpieces 34 rauschenberg

Stolen Pieces (from Robert Rauschenberg)



A video, shot with a hidden camera, documents our last heist, a piece from Alberto Burri (1997)



Exhibition view, Carroll/Fletcher, London (2012)

stolenpieces exhib carrollfletcher 6stolenpieces exhib carrollfletcher 5stolenpieces exhib carrollfletcher 2stolenpieces exhib carrollfletcher 1




stolenpieces exhib carrollfletcher 4


stolenpieces exhib carrollfletcher 3