Eva & Franco Mattes




Photos of “Fake Views”

Eva & Franco Mattes, Frankfurter Kunstverein

“Fake Views” is our ongoing solo show at Frankfurter Kunstverein. Info about the show – including press release, public program etc. – are here, photos of the show here.





“Fake Views” opening tonight!

Here’s the trailer for “Fake Views”, our show at Frankfurter Kunstverein opening… tonight!





Net Art on LED Wall

Eva & Franco Mattes, Milan Design Week

A one night only event in Milan: our early Net Art piece “New Free” (2000) screened on a HUGE 14x8m outdoor LED Wall with a very special soundtrack by Cory Arcangel! Pics and video here, more about the work here. Curated by Ilaria Bonacossa. Thanks Reasoned Art!





New install at Miart (plus a little intervention…)

Eva & Franco Mattes, Miart

Commissioned by MSGM (thanks Massimo Giorgetti!), the installation hosts an invisible image in constant circulation between two microcomputers. The same image is sent from our personal phones to nearby random visitors via AirDrop—an idea inspired by the common practice among teenagers of exploiting crowds to share digital materials. The intervention creates an unexpected temporary human connection in a place mostly driven by commercial transactions. Pics here.





I’ll Be Your Mirror

Eva & Franco Mattes, My Generation

Seriously pumped for this one, it’s an artist’s dream list: Cory Arcangel, Gretchen Bender, Petra Cortright, Simon Denny, Cao Fei, Wade Guyton, Trevor Paglen, Nam June Paik, Jon Rafman, Hito Steyerl, Andy Warhol and the list goes on… “I’ll Be Your Mirror: Art and the Digital Screen”, curated by Alison Hearst, opening tonight at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, we installed My Generation, pics here, info here.





“Not Safe For Work” in Roma

Eva & Franco Mattes, The Bots

Romans! Tonite we’re opening “Not Safe for Work”, a small solo at the Quadriennale in Roma. It features a few episodes of “The Bots” and it’s curated by the one and only Nadim Samman, who also wrote a great essay. Just posted a few photos here. Runs till Mar 12. Thanks Gian Maria Tosatti!





Update on our ongoing exhibition in Fukushima

Eva & Franco Mattes, Don't Follow the Wind

An insightful article by Taro Nettleton was just published in ArtReview Asia: “Art in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone“. It’s an update on Don’t Follow the Wind, the curatorial project we’ve been deeply involved with since it’s beginning in 2015. The first venue of the exhibition finally just opened to select visits from the public. We’re incredibly proud of this evershifting project, that turned out to be way more challenging than anybody anticipated…





Fukushima Textures in Noh Theater

Eva & Franco Mattes, Fukushima Texture Pack

Just received the photos of an installation we have at Nakajima Noh Theater in Tokyo. Curated by Shiori Watanabe, the exhibition is titled “Toutou Tarari Tarari Ratarari Agari Rara Ritou” and features two of our Fukushima Textures printed on various pillows, a column and a wallpaper. Special thanks to Chim↑Pom’s Ryuta Ushiro!





We made an edition for Performa

Eva & Franco Mattes, README (Code of Chris Burden's Shoot)

README (Code of Chris Burden’s Shoot) is a print featuring the programming code of our reenactment of Chris Burden’s Shoot in Second Life. It’s printed on a 24ft (7,3m) fanfold continuous paper, edition of 20, signed and numbered, it’s commissioned by Performa and sales will benefit the launch of their new online archive platform. Buy here, mo’ info here.





Pics of “Most to Least Viewed”

Eva & Franco Mattes, Yellow Tray

We just opened a solo show at Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, curated by Nadim Samman. It’s titled “Most to Least Viewed” and features a large installation running through the whole space. The exhibition focuses on data, power and identity presenting a spectrum of artworks selected by a mysterious algorithm and laid out in sequence from most to least viewed, here’re some pics.