Abuse Standards Violations at Carroll/Fletcher

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

The next chapter of our ongoing exploration of The Nothing (NeverEnding Story fans know what I’m talking about) is the solo show we’re about to open at Carroll/Fletcher gallery in London: “Abuse Standards Violations”.

It features all new works, including the next 3 episodes of Dark Content (YES they’re ready!), several crowdsourced performances from the series BEFNOED, reiterations of Image Search Result printed on different objects (including car mats…) and a new work about content moderators guidelines that were leaked to us…

Carroll/Fletcher, London, opening on Thursday June 9, 7-9pm

Here’s the press release.

BTW, we’re giving a gallery tour on Thursday June 9 at 6PM, come by!

“Eva and Franco Mattes’ exhibition Abuse Standards Violations investigates the dark side of the Internet. In a new series of video installations, the New York-based duo exposes the vast amount of unpalatable material kept away from our screens by an army of underpaid workers, while offering a bizarre but telling glimpse into the lives of an ever-growing, dispersed global workforce.”