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We’re hiring an assistant, the time required is 2 half days a week or about 1 hour per day, the pay is $500 a month, plus $20/HR for extra hours when needed, must be native English speaker, based in NYC, be super organized and have previous experiences in the art world, most of the work […]

Exhibition catalogue out now!

“Dear Imaginary Audience,” exhibition catalogue with texts by Cory Arcangel, Clément Chéroux, Jodi Dean, Doris Gassert, Fabio Paris, Katrina Sluis, Nadine Wietlisbach, edited by Doris Gassert, Fabio Paris, Mona Schubert, designed by Studio Achermann, Zürich, available at Spector Books.

Say hi to Half Cat!

Half Cat is a new sculpture based on a LOLcat meme, currently installed at Fotomuseum Winterthur for our show “Dear Imaginary Audience,”.

Photos of “Hannah Uncut” at Fotomuseum Winterthur

Photos of Hannah Uncut currently installed at Fotomuseum Winterthur, for our show “Dear Imaginary Audience,”. A thick layer of memory foam covers the floor, keeping a temporary trace of the viewers’ presence.

Just released “Hannah Uncut”

Hannah Uncut (2021), a new commission by Fotomuseum Winterthur, is now part of their collection! For Hannah Uncut we posted an online open call offering to buy someone’s phone with all its contents. The resulting work is a 52 minutes slideshow comprising 1,276 images and videos set to a loop of Marc Bolan’s “Cosmic Dancer”.

“The Bots” installed at Fotomuseum Winterthur

Photos of new work The Bots currently installed at Fotomuseum Winterthur, for our ongoing show “Dear Imaginary Audience,”.

“The Bots (Italian market)” now streaming on DIS

Somewhere — maybe, let’s say, in Berlin — people sit behind screens in drab office buildings and get shown everything from pictures of topless Jesus to snuff videos and decide what stays, what goes, and what gets “escalated.” Day in and out, content moderators are forced to skim the worst social media has to offer […]

“The Bots (Arab market)” now streaming on DIS

 Jake Levy’s signature foundation-free look doesn’t hide the unpleasant truths of what’s going on behind social media corporations’ own conspiratorial and neocolonialist surfaces, but it can cover up the lifelong scars remaining from viewing violent content. The Bots recounts interviews we conducted with the workers social media keeps hidden. To tell their stories we’ve […]

“The Bots (Greek market)” now streaming on DIS

 We know everything we post to social media is screened and surveilled, reportable and deletable. There are “community guidelines,” “content restrictions.” Which community? Whose restrictions? It must be some algorithm, right? The bots are not bots, they are human beings in offices applying rules handed down from outside, perhaps from some other office in […]

In conversation with MUDAM’s Emanuela Mazzonis

In conversation with Emanuela Mazzonis, co-curator with Francesco Bonami of the amazing show “Me, Family“, at MUDAM. We talked about a few works dealing with oversharing, vulnerability and the darknet. And cats. Half Cats to be precise.