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“No Fun” on Artforum

“We’re becoming uncomfortably intimate with loss, and even death, through our screens – but this time, it’s real.” Timely piece by Tina Rivers Ryan on today’s Artforum.

This Artist Duo Paid a Man $1,000

Nice article about Riccardo Uncut on Artsy: “This Artist Duo Paid a Man $1,000 for His Smartphone Photos—and Turned Them into an Artwork“, thanks Scott Indrisek!

Art & Protest on Frieze

We’ve been invited by Frieze magazine to contribute to this month issue: “How Important is Art as a Form of Protest?”. For our contribution we hired several, anonymous, crowdsourced workers through an online marketplace and asked them to protest in front of their webcams. We do not know who or where they are, and we couldn’t […]

Long interview on Flash Art

This long interview with curator Domenico Quaranta was just published on Flash Art, it’s titled “The Cloud is the true Darknet”. We speak about art, the cloud, the darknet and a few works of ours, if you read Italian…

Nice review on Flash Art magazine

Nice review of our show at Carroll/Fletcher on Flash Art, by Jeppe Ugelvig. “The limited physical strain demanded from the viewer due to the intentionally awkward placement of monitors in the space felt mostly like a mockery of the very real hardship digital workers undergo daily”. Am not quite sure if this is good or bad, but […]

Interview on Le Monde

Long interview with Marie Lechner on Le Monde: “Les modérateurs, petites mains invisibles du Web morbide”. We talk about our current show at Carroll/Fletcher, focusing on the work Dark Content.

The New Yorker on Dark Content

“Watch an art work about the Dark Web, on the Dark Web“, by Daniel Wenger, on The New Yorker “Humans may be messier than humans would like, but “Dark Content” suggests that computers aren’t the solution. Sometimes humorously, sometimes disastrously, automation tends to result in appealing anomalies, hints of personality. In one episode, a prune-mouthed […]

The New York Times on our current show

The New York Times on our latest projects and current show in London at Carroll / Fletcher! (Thanks Sandino Scheiddeger for the timely photo)

When felonies become form, on ARTnews

Super interesting article by Andrew Russeth on ARTnews: When felonies become form: the secret history of artists who use lawbreaking as their medium. I’d like to reiterate one point though: the fact that we waited 15 years to disclose our work Stolen Pieces has nothing to do with the statute of limitations running out, as the author suggests, as of today we are not certain about […]

Today is Fukushima fifth’s anniversary

Hope the international press will do a better job at covering it than they did last year. Here’s our little contribution, a review of Don’t Follow the Wind, the show we co-curated in the Fukushima exclusion zone, in ArtReview Asia, written by Taro Nettleton. A huge thanks to all the friends involved, Chim ↑ Pom, Kenji Kubota, […]