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“Riccardo Uncut” at Mudam

Excited that our work “Riccardo Uncut” is part of “Me, Family“, at Mudam, Luxembourg, curated by Francesco Bonami. Drawing inspiration from the iconic exhibition “The Family of Man” by Edward Steichen, “Me, Family” addresses issues that relate to the flow of information and data in our globalized society. The project is intended as a portrait […]

Vid of “What Has Been Seen” at Fondation Phi

Today is the last day of our solo at Fondation Phi pour l’art contemporain, in Montreal. To fight sadness here’s a video in which curator Erandy Vergara (shout-out!) talks about the show.

“My Little Big Data” at Careof, Milan

“My Little Big Data”, our ongoing show at Careof, Milan, is a DIY investigation into personal data analysis to create our “portrait” with metadata extracted from 70,000 emails and several months of our browsing history. The result forms a large installation comprised of 500 meters of colored cables, “psychographics” printed inside home office furniture, a […]

“Freedom” at MAAT museum

Our work Freedom – bottom right – installed in Lisbon’s MAAT museum. Especially proud of the position as it’s right by Harun Farocki’s Serious Games – top left in the photo – one of our all time favorite works.

“Riccardo Uncut” at Team Gallery

For “Data Doubles” on view Team Gallery, Los Angeles, we are showing for the fist time “Riccardo Uncut”. In October 2017, we posted an open call online: individuals could apply to sell their entire personal archive of smartphone photos for $1,000. The resulting work is a 87 minutes slideshow comprising some 3,000 images and videos; […]

“Data Doubles” at Team Gallery, Los Angeles

Super excited to open our first solo show in Los Angeles at Team Gallery on Sunday May 12!!! There are three works in the show: one tiny sculpture, one projected video and one site-specific installation, each of which center around the creation and transmission of images, and the increasing interconnectedness of those two processes.

“The Influencing Machine” in Berlin

A few photos of our installation at Berlin’s NGBK Gallery, for the ongoing show “The Influencing Machine”. Our installation was created by customizing pre-owned office desks of the same brand and model used by content moderators at the Facebook’s Berlin moderation center.

No Fun on a bed at The Current

No Fun, installed on a bed at The Current Museum, New York…

My Generation Virtual Insanity

Shot of My Generation currently installed at Kunsthalle Mainz, for the show Virtual Insanity, inspired by Jamiroquai’s song (shutout if it starts playing in your head!). The line up is amazing: Antoine Catala, Cao Fei, Jon Rafman, Jordan Wolfson, Harun Farocki, Eva & Franco Mattes, Refrakt & Nicole Ruggiero & Molly Soda, Renaud Jerez, Igor Simić, […]

I Was Raised on the Internet at MCA

Curated by Omar Kholeif, “I Was Raised on the Internet” just opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The artists list is so long I can’t even paste it here. We’re showing My Generation, BEFNOED and Catt, you can see some photos here. The shot above features our BEFNOED “tent” on the floor, and Cory Arcangel & […]