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A few words about Riccardo Uncut

“Merging with the Network”, an interview about Life Sharing

On the occasion of the recent re-launch of Life Sharing (2000-2003) we did a rather long interview with the amazing Paul Soulellis.

Interview with Modern Painters

We talked to Thea Ballard at Modern Painters about internet content moderation and the dark web, in advance of our exhibition at Carroll/Fletcher opening this week!

Podcast interview with Art Uncovered

Just did this podcast interview with Art Uncovered about our work Dark Content and a few related issues

Interview about Dark Content

Here’s an interview about Dark Content, with Abandon Normal Devices‘ director Gaby. They commissioned this work so a big shout-out to AND!

Interview about Plan C on The Creators Project

A lot of people have been asking us questions about Plan C and our trip to Chernobyl in general. Here’s an interview we just did for The Creators Project, maybe it answers some questions. “Plan C started with Eva getting drunk in a bar in Barcelona with Ryan C. Doyle, a 6’6” tall and 248-pound […]