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Indeed, when we visit an exhibition of

Boris Groys, “Curating in the Post-Internet Age”

An object uncopied is

Hillel Schwartz, “The Culture of the Copy”

Let us consider two

Boris Groys, “In the Flow”

By embedding starlight into

Richard B. Woodward, “Dare to Be Famous: Self-Exploitation and the Camera”.

But a commitment to

Alicetiara, “Are There Limits to Online Free Speech?”

A new form of information

Danah Boyd, “Hacking the Attention Economy”

The future no longer seems

Boris Groys, “On the New”

The traditional art system

Boris Groys, “The Rheology of Art”

Your data trail will

Jacob Appelbaum, “Letter to a young selector”

Law professor Paul Ohm has

Kate Crawford, “Asking the oracle”