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The Bots installed at Fotomuseum Winterthur

Photos of new work The Bots currently installed at Fotomuseum Winterthur, for our ongoing show “Dear Imaginary Audience,”.

The Bots (Italian market) now streaming on DIS

Somewhere — maybe, let’s say, in Berlin — people sit behind screens in drab office buildings and get shown everything from pictures of topless Jesus to snuff videos and decide what stays, what goes, and what gets “escalated.” Day in and out, content moderators are forced to skim the worst social media has to offer […]

The Bots (Arab market) now streaming on DIS

 Jake Levy’s signature foundation-free look doesn’t hide the unpleasant truths of what’s going on behind social media corporations’ own conspiratorial and neocolonialist surfaces, but it can cover up the lifelong scars remaining from viewing violent content. The Bots recounts interviews we conducted with the workers social media keeps hidden. To tell their stories we’ve […]

“Personal Photographs October 2016” at Careof, Milan

“Personal Photographs October 2016” (2019) is a network of cable trays around and throughout the exhibition site of Careof, Milan, part of our ongoing show “My Little Big Data”. All the photos we shot in October 2016 – 145 files – are in constant circulation within the cables. Images without viewers, yet always there. Like […]

“My Little Big Data” video essay

“My Little Big Data” is a video essay, part of our ongoing show at Careof, Milan. This 24 mins video is the result of a year long collaboration with data investigator Vladan Joler, to whom we gave 13 years of our private email matadata and several months of browsing history. Like most people, we use […]

“Personal Photographs, September 2009” at Team Gallery

“Data Doubles” is our ongoing solo exhibition Team Gallery, Los Angeles. “Personal Photographs, September 2009” (2019) is a network of cable trays around and throughout the exhibition site. The cable trays represent an infrastructure disposed toward invisibility, made conspicuously present within the domestic site of the bungalow. In navigating real space and contending with pre-existing […]

New lolcat sculpture

Made a new lolcat sculpture inspired by the “What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen” meme. “What Has Been Seen” is a black taxidermy cat, sitting on a microwave containing an erased hard drive (’cause it’s been microwaved).

New work “Riccardo Uncut” commissioned by the Whitney Museum

Our new piece “Riccardo Uncut”, commissioned by the Whitney Museum, is public!!! It’s the result of a call we posted on social media to buy someone’s phone and turn all photos and videos into an art project – an uncut and uncensored portrait of someone’s life. Thank you Christiane Paul!  

Image search result for “Censorship”

New work titled “Image search result for ‘Censorship’ printed on various objects by online services”. It’s a print on bath mat, postage stamps, pacifier and glass cutting board paddle.

Life Sharing is back

For three years (2001-2003), we openly shared our home computer, making all its contents accessible to the public. Private material, including email, texts, photos, and bank statements, was freely available through our website. Made long before social media’s widespread influence, Life Sharing pointed towards the blurring of the public and private spheres. Originally commissioned by […]