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Fake movie in real movie

The above clip comes from a recent Italian movie titled “L’amore e’ imperfetto”. In one of the scenes, the guy’s striptease, you can see the poster we designed for our fake movie United We Stand, hanging on a wall. We don’t know how our work ended up there, but we find it interesting. Is it there as […]

Peer Pressure intro

Just wrote a short intro for Brad Troemel’s book Peer Pressure. It’s the first time we do it so we are very excited. Brad is one of our favorite art writers and the book is totally worth reading! Get it here

Post about the fake Cattelan on Rhizome

Just posted a brief text on Rhizome about the fake Cattelan sculpture, telling how the whole thing started (from an online meme) and where it’s at. You can read it here