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“The Bots (Greek market)” now streaming on DIS

 We know everything we post to social media is screened and surveilled, reportable and deletable. There are “community guidelines,” “content restrictions.” Which community? Whose restrictions? It must be some algorithm, right? The bots are not bots, they are human beings in offices applying rules handed down from outside, perhaps from some other office in […]

The Bots (2020)

A series of video installations based on interviews with internet content moderators. The interviews were conducted in collaboration with journalist Adrian Chen during a year-long investigation.                     Actors Jake Levy, Ruby McCollister and Bobbi Salvör Menuez reenacted the interviews from home, filming themselves using their phones. […]

Hannah Uncut (2021)

A video slideshow featuring all the photos found on a used phone. Through an online open call we found one person, Hannah, who sold us her phone, knowing that all the photos and videos contained therein would become public.         The photos were kept in chronological order without any editing, filter or […]

Half Cat (2020)

A sculpture based on a LOLcat meme, alternately called “Half Cat”, “Panorama Fail Cat” or “Sinko Peso”.     Installed at Fotomuseum Winterthur           In the original image a cat with two legs and no ears walks down a street, and since it’s earliest appearance in 2010 it has been used […]

Fukushima Texture Pack (2016)

      We were invited by local artists to make a new work, granting us access to the otherwise off-limits Fukushima Exclusion Zone. For Fukushima Texture Pack, we photographed hundreds of indoor and outdoor surfaces inside the Zone, including floors, tatami, walls, dirt, grass, pavements, desks and closets. We turned each photo into a […]

My Little Big Data (2019)

  “My Little Big Data” is a DIY investigation into personal data analysis to create our “portrait”. It’s the result of a year long collaboration with data investigator Vladan Joler, to whom we gave 13 years of our private email matadata and several months of browsing history. The installation includes a 24 mins video essay, […]

Personal Photographs (2019)

A network of cable trays that winds around and throughout the exhibition site.                       Personal Photographs May 2002 Installed at Fotomuseum Winterthur     All the photos we shot in a given month (e.g. September 2009, January 2012, October 2016) are in constant circulation within […]

What Has Been Seen (2017)

  Taxidermy cat, microwave ovens, erased hard drives, lights 50 x 40 x 120 cm                 The hard drives have been microwaved, erasing all data.         How to erase data off a hard drive         The work is based on the “What […]

Abuse Standards Violations #3

Abuse Standards Violations UV print on plexiglass, various insulation materials, spacers, screws 150 x 100 x 8 cm Hypothesis: If you were to photograph the works, and upload them on social media, they’d likely be removed for violating the guidelines, by moderators following these very guidelines, so the guidelines would turn against themselves, they’d self-censor.

Abuse Standards Violations #2

Abuse Standards Violations UV print on plexiglass, various insulation materials, spacers, screws 100 x 100 x 13 cm We think at these guidelines as “filters”: they let something through while blocking something else. But at the same time they are invisible, like insulation materials: they surround you, in a sense they protect you, and yet […]