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Dark Content (2015)

A series of video installations about internet content moderators. Contrary to popular belief, the removal of offensive material from the Internet is not carried out by sophisticated algorithms. It is the nerve-wracking, demanding job of thousands of anonymous human beings: people disguised as algorithms.

We have interviewed one hundred moderators, and created videos in which avatars with computer-generated voices speak in their place, recounting memories about content they removed from the web, including pornography, sexual solicitation, racism.



























Eva & Franco Mattes, Dark Content









Installed at Carroll / Fletcher, London 2016




dark content ep.1 exhib whitechapel projection 2

Projection, Whitechapel Gallery, London







The six episodes were released on the Darknet, to watch them download the Tor Browser and go to http://kclmg3xrrxz5qklgbstieqkz2nmguv74dcgrd7fwgvojjzzbrzf674ad.onion



Eva & Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Screenshot from Ep.1 “I would prefer not to include my name”




Eva & Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Screenshot from Ep.2 “I’m currently living in my car”




Eva & Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Screenshot from Ep.3 “His reign stops here”




Screenshot from Ep.4 “A darker place mentally”




Eva & Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Screenshot from Ep.5 “Something wasn’t right”




Eva & Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Screenshot from Ep.6 “The saddest moment”



Commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices and Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art