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7-11 Mailing List. is threatened by 7-Eleven Stores.

Biotech Hobbyist Magazine.
Magazine for bedroom biotech.

CCS Radio Collective.
Listen to Canada's most famous grrrl group.

London Borough of Cramley.
Check out the current election news.

Cultural Terrorist Agency.
Funding agency for counter property/ representation propaganda.

Cube Media Centre, Bristol.
Find out whats happening at Bristol's coolest media centre.

Technologies To The People .
Visit the NetArt-Ghetto.

irational calendar.
See whats going on in the world of irational.

International Servers to the rescue
Sister server resources for those adrift or abandoned

Heath's Homepage.
See projects by retired artist Heath Bunting. information.
Learn all about and its members.

Interact with your mind and body.

Mejor Vida Corporation .
MVC - For a human interface.

How to be a Radio Pirate.
Catch up on this exciting new hobby.

(Sic) (sic).

Trina Mould's Homepage.
Catch up with Trina's latest adventures.

Video art on demand.
You can see and hear every art piece when you want.

Visit's guestbook.

irational publicity
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