More Real? Catalogue!

more real catalogue

I’m reading the More Real? exhibition catalogue right now and love the essay Make-Believe: Parafiction and Plausibility, by Carrie Lambert-Beatty. You can read an older version of the essay on October magazine, though I’d totally recommend the whole More Real? catalogue:

“Fiction or fictiveness has emerged as an important category in recent art. But like a paramedic as opposed to a medical doctor, a parafiction is related to but not quite a member of the category of fiction as established in literary and dramatic art. It remains a bit outside. It does not perform its procedures in the hygienic clinics of literature but has one foot in the field of the real. Unlike historical fiction’s fact-based but imagined worlds, in parafictional real and/or imaginary personages and stories intersect with the world as it is being lived. Post-simulacral, paraficitonal strategies are oriented less toward the disappearance of the real than toward the pragmatics of trust. Simply put, with various degrees of success, for various durations, and for various purposes, these fictions are experienced as fact. They achieve truth status – for some of the people some of the time.”