Eva & Franco Mattes




In convo with Cattelan

Eva & Franco Mattes, Maurizio Cattelan

“Index” gathers all the conversations Maurizio Cattelan has realized throughout the past twenty years playing the role of the interviewer to other artists, including “Flogging a Dead Horse”, a rather weird conversation we had a loooong time ago… Available at Pirelli HangarBicocca or Amazon. Enjoy!





Permanent installation for MSGM’s new HQ

Eva & Franco Mattes, MSGM

Images of our permanent installation for MSGM’s new HQ in Milan. A sulfur yellow cable tray winds through the entire space, spanning two floors, carrying electricity and hosting files, while a fragmented LED screen, crossed by the tray, displays images circulating under the hashtag #MSGM and turns them into an instant portrait as seen by its followers.





My Generation in Taiwan

Eva & Franco Mattes, My Generation

A few photos of “My Generation”, currently on view at Tainan Art Museum in Taiwan for the show at Multiple Copies.





New iteration of BEFNOED, inside an elevator

Eva & Franco Mattes, BEFNOED

A new iteration of BEFNOED, this time installed inside an elevator in the Museum of the Moving Image, New York, curated by Lindsay Howard. The work is now part of their collection YAY! Up till Jan 2.





“The Bots (Greek market)” now streaming on KW

Eva & Franco Mattes, The Bots, Alexandra Marzella

New episode of The Bots now streaming on KW: E6: The Bots (Greek Market), featuring Alexandra Marzella!!!





New sculpture: Bonsai Kitten

Eva & Franco Mattes, Bonsai Kitten

We made a new sculpture, a taxidermy cat inside a glass jar, inspired by an old website…





New darknet address, update bookmarks

Eva & Franco Mattes, Dark Content

The six video episodes of our Dark Content series were released exclusively on the darknet, back in 2015. As a large upgrade in Tor security all old addresses will soon be unreachable, so we migrated our website to this new fancy v3 address, please update your bookmarks: http://kclmg3xrrxz5qklgbstieqkz2nmguv74dcgrd7fwgvojjzzbrzf674ad.onion





“The Bots (English market)” now streaming on KW

Eva & Franco Mattes, The Bots

New episode of The Bots now streaming on KW: “E5: The Bots (English Market)”, featuring Jesse Hoffman.





Installation views of Human-in-the-loop

Eva & Franco Mattes, Personal Photographs

Here’re some installation shots of “Human-in-the-loop“, our solo show at Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden.





Our first outdoor piece in Berlin

Eva & Franco Mattes, Personal Photographs

Personal Photographs” installed on C/O Berlin iconic 50’s flipped American flag facade, for the show “Send me an Image”. The work snakes in and out of the exhibition space. Like the invisible images endlessly circulating within its yellow cables it exists in a grey zone between intimate and public. The show features some of our favourite artists: Broomberg & Chanarin, On Kawara, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Thomas Ruff, Taryn Simon & Aaron Swartz and many more. Till Sep 2!