When Facts Don’t Matter at Lismore Castle Arts

Eva and Franco Mattes, Dark Content

Pics of “When Facts Don’t Matter“, that just opened at Lismore Castle Arts, featuring Alan Butler, Constant Dullaart, Eva & Franco Mattes, Trevor Paglen and Suzanne Treister. Curated by Paul McAree.





A few words about Riccardo Uncut





New work “Riccardo Uncut” commissioned by the Whitney Museum

Eva and Franco Mattes, Riccardo Uncut

Our new piece “Riccardo Uncut”, commissioned by the Whitney Museum, is public!!!

It’s the result of a call we posted on social media to buy someone’s phone and turn all photos and videos into an art project – an uncut and uncensored portrait of someone’s life.

Thank you Christiane Paul!






“Head Tree” on Niconico

Eva and Franco Mattes, BEFNOED

Just made a new video, it’s called “Head Tree” and it’s part of our ongoing series BEFNOED. We published it on the Japanese video sharing site Niconico





Image search result for “Censorship”

Eva and Franco Mattes, Image Search Result

Eva and Franco Mattes, Image Search Result

Eva and Franco Mattes, Image Search Result

Eva and Franco Mattes, Image Search Result

New work titled “Image search result for ‘Censorship’ printed on various objects by online services”. It’s a print on bath mat, postage stamps, pacifier and glass cutting board paddle.





An object uncopied is

Hillel Schwartz, “The Culture of the Copy”





A new ceiling for Ceiling Cat

Eva and Franco Mattes, Ceiling Cat

Eva and Franco Mattes, Ceiling Cat

Eva and Franco Mattes, Ceiling Cat

Opening tomorrow at Open Data Institute London!

Ceiling Cat is a sculpture of a cat poking its head through a hole in the ceiling. It watches the activities of the ODI from above, and is a direct artist’s interpretation of the online meme of the same name. The original photoshopped image is thought to have originated in 2003. Although ignored for many years, from 2006 onwards the image started to be associated with the #Lolcat phenomena. Captions frequently list the different things Ceiling Cat is ‘watching’ you do, and range from the inane or crude to genuinely hilarious. In the ‘Lolcat Bible’ Ceiling Cat is presented as an equivalent to the Judeo-Christian God. The piece can be experienced as a one-off visual gag, a reflection on the power we entrust to the internet, or the nature of fictional omnipresent surveillance on culture.”





Electronic Superhighway at MAAT, Lisbon

Eva and Franco Mattes, My Generation

Eva and Franco Mattes, My Generation

A couple photos of our work My Generation installed at Electronic Superhighways, MAAT, Lisbon. To the right is Oliver Laric’s Versions, to the left is Jon Rafman and Constant Dullaart’s Jennifer in Paradise, in the center is Nam June Paik, on the floor is Evan Roth’s. Couldn’t ask for a better company ;-)





It doesn’t take long to find new targets

Eva and Franco Mattes, Freedom

Photos of the show “It doesn’t take long to find new targets“, opening tonight at the Take Courage Gallery in London, we’re showing Freedom.






Talking about Life Sharing at the New Museum

Video of a talk we just gave at the New Museum about our work Life Sharing (2000-03), which Rhizome just “restored” and put back online, as an archival copy. The work is here BTW: