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“Personal Photographs October 2016” at Careof, Milan

“Personal Photographs October 2016” (2019) is a network of cable trays around and throughout the exhibition site of Careof, Milan, part of our ongoing show “My Little Big Data”. All the photos we shot in October 2016 – 145 files – are in constant circulation within the cables. Images without viewers, yet always there. Like […]

My Little Big Data

Careof, Milan Sep 26 – Nov 10, 2019                                                                                               […]

“My Little Big Data” video essay

“My Little Big Data” is a video essay, part of our ongoing show at Careof, Milan. This 24 mins video is the result of a year long collaboration with data investigator Vladan Joler, to whom we gave 13 years of our private email matadata and several months of browsing history. Like most people, we use […]

“My Little Big Data” at Careof, Milan

“My Little Big Data”, our ongoing show at Careof, Milan, is a DIY investigation into personal data analysis to create our “portrait” with metadata extracted from 70,000 emails and several months of our browsing history. The result forms a large installation comprised of 500 meters of colored cables, “psychographics” printed inside home office furniture, a […]