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Don’t Follow the Wind: Non-Visitor Center

(as Don’t Follow the Wind) Art in General, New York Apr 19 – Jul 13, 2019                             Works shown: Don’t Follow the Wind, Fukushima Texture Pack

Fukushima Texture Pack (2016)

      We were invited by local artists to make a new work, granting us access to the otherwise off-limits Fukushima Exclusion Zone. For Fukushima Texture Pack, we photographed hundreds of indoor and outdoor surfaces inside the Zone, including floors, tatami, walls, dirt, grass, pavements, desks and closets. We turned each photo into a […]

Photos of new Don’t Follow the Wind installation

Just posted some photos of the ongoing exhibition “After the End of the World“, at the CCCB, Barcelona. On the floor&wall is a work of ours, a Fukushima Texture of a mattress printed on a roll of vinyl and suitcase. On top and around it are five headsets, that were hand-made by three generations of […]

After the End of the World

CCCB, Barcelona Oct 25, 2017 – Apr 29, 2018                                                                                         Works shown: Don’t […]

Creative Capital Artist Retreat video

Eva and I trying to squeeze three years of efforts into a 7 mins long presentation at Creative Capital Artist Retreat. It’s about our new project “Fukushima Texture Pack”, earthquake, tsunami, nuclear crisis and digital textures.

Creative Capital retreat 2016

We did it ! Just back from the Creative Capital retreat, where we presented our new work, Fukushima Texture Pack, to the most amazing – and intimidating – crowd ever.