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Ceiling Cat (2016)

The sculptural recreation of an old internet meme. It’s a taxidermy cat peeking through a hole in the ceiling, always watching us, watching it, attractive and scary at the same time, like the internet.     Installation view, SFMOMA       Taxidermy cat, polyurethane resin, hole             Installed at […]

Rot (2011)

Fake Dieter Roth sculpture.     The work exhibited as an authentic Dieter Roth at White Flag Projects, Saint Louis.     All materials, including flies, were bought on the internet.     The fake work featured in Dieter Roth’s Wikipedia page.

My Generation (2010)

A supercut compilation of webcam videos of frustrated gamers, having violent outbursts, screaming and convulsing while physically attacking technology. The degraded video runs on an old computer ruin scattered across the floor.     Installed at Plug In, Basel             Installed at Fondation Phi pour l’art contemporain       […]

Catt (2010)

  Taxidermy cat and bird, polyurethane resin, bird cage, wood pedestal 55 x 40 x 40 cm       The work has been exhibited as a sculpture by Maurizio Cattelan for a month. The reception by the art world was enthusiastic.       The sculpture was actually based on an online meme     […]