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Code of “Personal Photographs” piece

The code that makes our piece “Personal Photographs” run was written with our amazing collaborator David Huerta. It’s a self-contained network between two Raspberry Pis, which copy images to each other, forever. The code is available here:

“Ceiling Cat” at Team Gallery

Somewhere in “Data Doubles”, our ongoing exhibition at Team Gallery, “Ceiling Cat” is watching you. This tiny sculpture is a taxidermy cat peeking through a hole in the ceiling, a direct interpretation of the meme “Ceiling Cat”, which surged in popularity from 2006 onwards concomitant with the #lolcat phenomena. The all-seeing feline had many online lives […]

“Riccardo Uncut” at Team Gallery

For “Data Doubles” on view Team Gallery, Los Angeles, we are showing for the fist time “Riccardo Uncut”. In October 2017, we posted an open call online: individuals could apply to sell their entire personal archive of smartphone photos for $1,000. The resulting work is a 87 minutes slideshow comprising some 3,000 images and videos; […]

“Personal Photographs, September 2009” at Team Gallery

“Data Doubles” is our ongoing solo exhibition Team Gallery, Los Angeles. “Personal Photographs, September 2009” (2019) is a network of cable trays around and throughout the exhibition site. The cable trays represent an infrastructure disposed toward invisibility, made conspicuously present within the domestic site of the bungalow. In navigating real space and contending with pre-existing […]

Data Doubles

Team Gallery, Los Angeles May 12 – Jun 23, 2019                                                                               Works shown: Personal Photographs, Ceiling Cat, […]