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Ceiling Cat (2016)

The sculptural recreation of an old internet meme. It’s a taxidermy cat peeking through a hole in the ceiling, always watching us, watching it, attractive and scary at the same time, like the internet.     Installation view, SFMOMA       Taxidermy cat, polyurethane resin, hole             Installed at […]

Dark Content (2015)

A series of video installations about internet content moderators. Contrary to popular belief, the removal of offensive material from the Internet is not carried out by sophisticated algorithms. It is the nerve-wracking, demanding job of thousands of anonymous human beings: people disguised as algorithms. We have interviewed one hundred moderators, and created videos in which avatars with […]

Agreement n.2 (2014)

The second work of the series Agreements. We bought the idea of the work from artists’ group Alterazioni Video. The “originals” can be seen here. Along with the work we exhibit the agreement between Alterazioni Video and us.        Installed at Postmasters Gallery, New York  

Image Search Result (2014-16)

Image search result for a word printed on various objects by online services. The word is chosen from our personal web browsing history. Once produced, the objects are delivered directly by the printing company to the exhibition venue, where they’re unpacked, seen for the first time and exhibited.       Image search result for “Invisible” printed on various objects by […]

United We Stand (2005)

United We Stand is the title of a non-existent, European Hollywood-style blockbuster: “A brilliant mix of espionage and sci-fi political stereotypes in which Europe, not the USA, saves the world from impending doom”. We wrote the story, together with Wu Ming, published a website, designed the poster and put it up in cities around the […] (1998)

We bought the domain name and made a copy of the official website of the Holy See, with minor changes concealed among the sacred texts. In our version the Pope appropriated pop songs, exalted free love, soft drugs, he invoked the success of student movements and claimed the Church “duty to civil and electronic […]

Traveling By Telephone (2008)

      These photos were shot inside the videogame Half Life and printed on canvas. Although they have this very quiet and melancholic mood, they were taken while killing all sorts of monsters. Sometimes you have to go through the whole game over and over for hours, because when you stand still to take […]

Exhibition Title Change (2012)

  Installed at Carroll/Fletcher, London. Eventually the title change took over the entire wall.  

The Others (2011)

A 137 min. video slideshow of 10,000 photos appropriated from people’s personal computers, without their knowledge. The act of obtaining the images did not involve hacking, but took advantage of a software error.     Installed at HEK, Basel 2012     The projection is always “wrong”, wrongly placed, wrongly rotated and wrongly keystoned, “as […]

The K Thing (2001)

The Korea Web Art Festival commissioned us a new work. We did a secret performance instead. Nobody, including the curator, knew our plans. The opening night we connected to the exhibition website and switched the names of the artworks with one another. None of the works was modified. Whoever visited the exhibition, instead of seeing the chosen […]