Eva & Franco Mattes




The Others (2011)

A 137 min. video slideshow of 10,000 photos appropriated from people’s personal computers, without their knowledge. The act of obtaining the images did not involve hacking, but took advantage of a software error.



theothers exhib house

Installed at HEK, Basel



The projection is always “wrong”, wrongly placed, wrongly rotated and wrongly keystoned, “as if my mom had set it up”.



the others exhib abrons 2





the others exhib abrons 1

Installed at Abrons Arts Center, New York





the others exhib mata modena

Installed at Mata, Modena



The photos were most likely not meant to be public, but we will never know for sure. The project intentionally ventures into legal and ethical grey zones and tests boundaries of the public and private, as well as the distribution and perception of personal images.



theothers exhib random institute

Installed at Random Institute, Zurich





the others exhib huesca

Installed at Diputación Provincial de Huesca, Spain





theothers exhib arnolfini

Installed at Arnolfini, Bristol





Eva & Franco Mattes, The Others

Installed at The New School, New York





theothers exhib carrollfletcher

Installed at Carroll/Fletcher, London





Eva & Franco Mattes, The Others

Installed at Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck





the others quote camilla brendon