Eva & Franco Mattes




United We Stand (2005)

united billboard


United We Stand is the title of a non-existent, European Hollywood-style blockbuster: “A brilliant mix of espionage and sci-fi political stereotypes in which Europe, not the USA, saves the world from impending doom”. We wrote the story, together with Wu Ming, published a website, designed the poster and put it up in cities around the world, although the movie never existed.



united installation berlin wall



united installation berlin mitte franco



united installation vienna



united installation bologna mercato



united installation bologna irnerio



united installation berlin reichstag



united installation barcelona rambla



united installation bangalore



united installation brussels parliament



united installation newyork bleecker



united installation annemasse france 01



united installation vienna snow

Posters in Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, New York, Bangalore, Vienna, Bologna and Annemasse.



united magazines

Advertisements placed anonymously in various magazines.




united postcards

Postcards in video store




united banner

Banners placed in various websites




united installation berlin police

Eva stopped by German Police for posting.










Eva & Franco Mattes, United We Stand

Installed at Postmasters Gallery, New York



«The images in the poster and trailer, with barely disguised but heroicized references to the current war in Iraq, can be taken as typical examples of Hollywood-style propaganda-as-history. But the layers of deception go deeper. The film itself, echoing President Bush’s triumphal “Top Gun” turn, exists only as advertising. It is a fiction built on fantasy. But thanks to an extensive poster campaign, the nonexistent film may lodge in our consciousness all the same» Holland Cotter, The New York Times