We bought the domain name and made a copy of the official website of the Holy See, with some slight modifications. Among learned quotes from the holy scriptures, the Pope and other high prelates appropriated pop songs and exalted free love, soft drugs, “brotherly intolerance” between religions and the oblivion of the senses. They invoked the success of student movements and claimed their own “duty to civil and electronic disobedience”. In the Intermediatic Decree on Communications Tools, the “Great Cathodic Church” explained its “Total Domination Plan” through “Telesalvation”.

Another crucial element was interaction with visitors to the site. During those months the Pope absolved sinners via email in the name of the “Free Spirit Jubilee”, and high prelates sent unwitting pilgrims of the Jubilee off to remote locations. Yet the power of the interface was such that nobody questioned it for an entire year.


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