We curated a project for the Yerevan Biennial!

Very excited to announce we curated a special project for the Yerevan Biennial!

“Time Out of Joint” is an online exhibition entirely taking place on the Darknet, a remote location at the “periphery” of the Internet, where time operates at a slow pace and pages load unhurriedly.
New works by six artists including Joshua Citarella, Clusterduck, David Horvitz, Vladan Joler, Amalia Ulman and 2050+ will be added once every two weeks, from October 2020 to January 2021, and in peer-to-peer style they are available to be seen, copied, reused… The title for this show was borrowed from a novel by Philip K. Dick.

To see the exhibition download the Tor Browser at

and go to -> http://fjroxjgxhmd2ymp2.onion

Trailer credits:
Soundtrack by Aghnie
Smuggling Type Design by RHIZOMAT ZARBIS
Concept, Production and Editing by Clusterduck
GIFs by