When felonies become form, on ARTnews

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Super interesting article by Andrew Russeth on ARTnews: When felonies become form: the secret history of artists who use lawbreaking as their medium.

I’d like to reiterate one point though: the fact that we waited 15 years to disclose our work Stolen Pieces has nothing to do with the statute of limitations running out, as the author suggests, as of today we are not certain about it. We waited because we soon realized the work would have been completely misunderstood. We were teenagers, this was our first work, and we had no contact whatsoever with the art world, we didn’t know academics, critics or journalists. We wanted for this work to be critiqued in the context of art history, not vandalism. Luckily that’s what happened when we finally revealed the work, giving the exclusive to art critic Blake Gopnik who wrote a great piece on the Washington Post, setting the bar for the following writings.